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At least it looks cool.

Once again, Pirate Blog is going places yet not moving at all! You can now read ~90% of Pirate’s comics on Tapastic, a free webcomic host.


Due to copyright stuff and size restraints, some of the coolest images can’t be uploaded to Tapastic. However, the site’s format makes reading through the comics a lot faster. I’ve uploaded about 30% of all the pictures there so far, and will upload the rest over the next few days.

[800th Post] Creativity

Creativity is just a point of view.

Creativity is just a point of view.

Thoughts on creativity. You might not agree, but I’ve never liked the idea that some people are more creative than others. The same goes for the word impossible.

Is it impossible to write and publish a book by yourself? Implausible, yes, but never impossible. Similarly, being creative should be an act natural as breathing, yet I find some people think they can’t be creative.

To think is to create, and the only thing that holds us back from thinking of wondrous things is our own thoughts. That I cannot come up with a book surpassing any other isn’t a lack of creativity on my part — just that I haven’t thought of the right thing yet.

Just some thoughts, and a little comic I wanted to draw. It took way too long to do for a single picture (5 hours), but that’s the way things are. Creativity is many things, but it’s hard to rush.

Evolution of Light

Remember the good old days? I don’t. But I do know that once, flashlights didn’t exist. I don’t personally remember that of course, but I imagine people back then never experienced the agony of a flashlight beam right through the eyes. Change is painful.

All inventions can be used for good...or EVIL.

All inventions can be used for good…or EVIL.

Multipurpose Sheep

Mutton yesterday, mutton today…mutton actually tastes really good if it’s done right. But it seems a bit cruel to use a sheep as your bed, let it carry you around and then eat it as thanks. Still, I suppose it could be worse. They could be eating dogs, or cats, or babies. (Stick people don’t eat babies.)

It's hard being a sheep.

It’s hard being a sheep.

Make Marry

Huzzah for marriages! Today’s a very important day for many people living in the United States. For stick people, marriage is no issue because they fully support marriages of any kind. At least, I hope they do. Congratulations to everyone who’s been waiting and get ready to attend a lot of weddings!

Just get the wedding gift, Pirate.

Just get the wedding gift, Pirate.

Problem Money

It’s not how much you have, it’s what you do with it. If I had fifteen spare dollars, I’d buy food. If I had a few hundred dollars, I’d save some and buy a few games. If I had a thousand dollars, I’d buy a computer. I’m not sure what I’d do with more than that, but Pirate would probably buy lots of apples and be very happy.

Food is wealth in Pirate's world.

Food is wealth in Pirate’s world.