The Hand of Destiny

I’m not good at naming things, alright? To be fair, I made this game a while ago, for a school project. Essentially it’s a fully-fledged game made using a program called RPG Maker VX, which allows game creation by idiots who know nothing of programming. (To be fair, a lot of brilliant games and game-makers have used RPG Maker. I’m just not one of them.)

It’s got a few bugs, and it’s a work when my writing style was still emerging, but I’m still proud of it and hopefully it will keep whomever plays it entertained.

Instructions: To install this game, first extract the folder onto your desktop or where you want it to go. Once you’ve done that, in the game’s folder you’ll find a game.exe file. Double-click it to run. Instructions, etc. are also in the folder.