Presenting the cast of Pirate Blog! These guys are the regulars who appear most often on the site. They’re the most lovable, fun, potentially homicidal crew of characters you’ll ever meet!

(Check out the previous Cast page here!)

Cast - Pirate

Pirate The small adventurer from the seas! She goes on adventures, fights monsters, and eats apples. You may ask why she’s here, or what she’s doing, but that’s the wrong question. Pirate is just Pirate!

Cast - KnightKnight

A strange warrior with two swords and a dark past. She intelligent and serious, and very talented. She also has a bad side. You don’t want to see her mad.

Cast - Rabbit Rabbit

A rabbit.

Cast - SlendermanSlender Man

He’s tall, dark, and debatably handsome. He’s been both enemy and friend to Pirate in the past, but his motives and origin remain unknown.

Cast - SCP-173SCP-173

Sort of a jerk. He’s supposed to be locked up in a certain institution, but he must have escaped…

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