Pirate World

Have you ever wanted a character walking around your desktop, doing inane, random things as you struggled to concentrate? Well look no further, because at last it’s here: Pirate World!

This is a Rainmeter program that runs on your desktop and features Pirate, who walks around and does random stuff 24/7! Features so far include:

  • Walking around. Amazing!
  • Waving at the screen! She also say stuff!
  • She’ll sing along when you play Itunes songs!
  • Guest appearances from SCP-173! (And someone else!)
  • She goes to sleep after 8 PM but you can wake her up by clicking!
  • A button you can press to get the latest Pirate Blog picture! (Right-click to get rid of the picture.)
  • She’ll shut off her own program if you’re using too much RAM or your CPU is using too much power! (She’ll come back when your computer isn’t under so much stress.)
  • Lots of bugs!

This is a work in progress, so please forgive any weirdness that appears. To install, just click the link below and download the version of Pirate World that fits your computer screen’s resolution. Remember, you will need to install Rainmeter to run this program. Rainmeter is a free program you can find here! Look forwards to more updates in the future!

Download the entire file and then click on the program to install!


It's Pirate on your desktop!

It’s Pirate on your desktop!