Sad Stars

Sad Stars

They do sort of take the magic out of the moment, don’t they?

It occurs to me that I haven’t seen the stars in a long time. I mean real stars: shooting stars, the kind of stars that you can only see on mountaintops and when the pollution is gone. It’s because I work in the early morning and have to sleep early, but it’s also because I don’t look up enough.

Going to have to spend a few nights outside. Sans the stick people, though.

Song – Sea Song

More on Pirate’s Story! I’ve completely finished all the editing of the book, which meant reading around 240 pages in a few days. That means all I need to do is convert the book to Kindle format, upload it on Amazon and get details like the book description done. It looks like we’ll hit the Friday deadline after all!

In the meantime, let me share something special. In the first chapter of City of Mists, Pirate sings a song at sea. Since WordPress doesn’t allow me to simply paste music onto the blog, I’ll link you to that song on Youtube.

And finally, I feel it would be disingenuous (see? I can use big words!) to ask you to buy or recommend my book without trying it first. Thus, I’ll be making the first chapter of City of Mists free to read when I put it up on Amazon. Now I just have to figure out how.