The Wandering Inn

You may not know this, but this blog doesn’t update anymore. Yeah, sorry about that.

But I have a blog — a web serial actually — that does update twice a week! I’m writing a fantasy story called The Wandering Inn. I’d be happy if you checked it out!

4 thoughts on “The Wandering Inn

  1. Hey, are you still interested in someone making an audio recording/ audiobook of the Wandering Inn past volume 1? Go ahead and send me an email if you are.

  2. Hi Pirate,
    Just found The Wandering Inn on amazon a few days ago. Just wanted to let you know that its a great book/series and I am fully enjoying it. Well done.

  3. I found The Wandering Inn on Audible. Generally I hoard by credits for something with more reviews but sometimes I take a chance and spend a credit on a new author and/or narrator. I got this book and I was not disappointed! The narrator does such a great job of conveying the emotions and giving each character a distinct voice. I absolutely look forward to the other books in the series to appear on Audible.

  4. Pirate, It was wonderful. Andrea Parsneau really brought it to life and I consider myself a discerning listener. Look forward to the next audible book. You two make a great combo. Best 40+ hours I’ve ever bought. Keep it up. Cheers!

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