I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! And I have a lot of Pirate pictures from my trip! …Unfortunately, they’re all sketches. On paper. In pencil. And I don’t have a scanner.

Well, I’ll try scanning them later or re-drawing them some time in the future. On that note, sketching Pirate can take minutes. Coloring her takes years. Ho hum.

Hope you all are having a good summer! Enjoy it. While it lasts.

Sketches bad! Color good!

Sketches bad! Color good!


Drawing woes

Shade PirateSo…yeah. Pirate may not change much in who she is, but my art skills do. It’s generally for the better but the process is…rough. I tried doing some shading techniques to make Pirate look better. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat have I done?

About Pirate

Pirate! She’s a crazy girl with a sword that goes around fighting monsters! That’s one way to describe her.

But Pirate is cool! Amazing! Awesome! And she likes apples! Let’s all remember that and cheer Pirate on as she goes on adventures. Because that’s what this blog is about. Watching Pirate be Pirate.

Sword Plant

Let’s get started!

Aba! Welcome to the Pirate blog! If you’re here for a blog about pirates, well, too bad. This is a blog about Pirate! Take a look around to find out more about this small adventurer from the seas!

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