This is another visual novel, but one that’s actually mine! You’re not meant to be reading through this story, but rather have the file on auto-play on one side of your screen as you surf the web, do meaningless things with your computer, etc.

This visual novel contains a Limited Artificial Intelligence named LAI, who will provide you with comments and insights from the perspective of an AI that’s really just a few lines of text and some code thrown in. What she says probably won’t make sense all of the time, but hopefully it will keep you entertained some of the time.

Make sure to download the entire file!

Instructions: Like the previous file, just extract the folder and click on the girl with the hat to start the game. You can press Esc or click on Preferences to adjust things, like the auto-forward speed, which controls how fast the text is read. To set the program to display text automatically, press the little AUTO button at the bottom of the screen once the program starts.