Hail Hurt

Umbrellas won't cut it this time.

Umbrellas won’t cut it this time.

It’s starting to feel like Christmas…or at least pain. I mean, it’s hailing where I live. That’s sort of like snow…right?

Personally, I could care less about the hail falling on me when I’m outside — it’s the shoveling it that’s gonna suck. And driving in it. Well, at least the hail’s not heavy enough to break any windows.


Party Down

Regrets come after the tree crashes down.

Regrets come after the tree crashes down.

I’m tired, Christmas is over, and I’ve got work tomorrow. That’s life after all the celebrations. I don’t know about you guys, but imbibing too much eggnog and sugary treats has its comeuppance the next day. I just want to sleep until next Christmas, but I guess it’s time to get ready for the New Year’s.

Mouse Meal

It...it was a hungry Christmas.

It…it was a hungry Christmas.

…I apologize for the dark joke right before Christmas. But that’s the quintessential Pirate! If you’re going to eat meat, what’s the difference between mouse and cow? Hygiene, probably.

Anyways, hope your Christmas shopping is going well! Watch out for the crowds and…let the mice live.

Decorating Designation

'Tis the season to be lazy...

‘Tis the season to be lazy…

I like Christmas. I really do. But when it comes to getting a Christmas tree and decorating it…that’s why I have family.

Seriously, if it were just me I’d print out a picture of a tree and stare at it. Well, I’d probably look up a picture of a tree. Really, I’m just in it for the eggnog and presents. Mostly the eggnog. It’s good stuff!