The Ramen Conversation

Who is Pirate? Why does she do what she does? Where did she come from? Pirate’s more of a mystery than she seems! So let’s find out more, in this new visual novel* where Pirate has a short conversation with someone at a ramen stall in the middle of nowhere.

*(If you don’t know, visual novels are stories that have not only text, but pictures and even audio to accompany them! This particular encounter should take only 10-15 minutes at most to read, but I hope it’s entertaining and/or informative.)

Go to this link to download The Ramen Conversation file. It should work on Windows, Macintosh, and even Linux systems:

PS: Remember to extract the folder to your desktop and then double-click on the icon of the girl (not Pirate) for the program to run. The visual novel won’t start if you try to run it in Google Drive, or without extracting it first!

Once, Pirate had a bowl of ramen!

Once, Pirate had a bowl of ramen!