Haunted Housing

Haunted Housing

It’s cheap, if you don’t mind the company.

I’d like to have a ghost in my house. Not an annoying one or a scary one, but an interesting spirit. On the other hand, if it meant I didn’t have to pay much rent I’d be fine with it. Zombies on the other hand is a deal-breaker. I can’t deal with the rotting flesh.

Closet Checker

Closet Checker

I hate finding things.

Sadly, this isn’t a commentary upon gender in our society. Rather, it’s about the scary things that go bump in the night. I really want to have someone who’ll go into the basement and see if there’s a monster down there. Otherwise I have to do it.

I just hope I never FIND anything.


Not a Ghost

Not a Ghost

I prefer ghosts. They can’t eat me.

You know the thing about ghosts? They’re dead. I mean, that’s a bad thing if you’re seeing them, but what about not-ghosts? They’re alive, and they could be anything.

If I saw something pretending to be a ghost, I’m running for the hills. On the other hand, if you see a ghost, who ya gonna call?

The media. Because that would be amazing!

Dark Sea

The sea doesn't belong just to monsters!

The sea doesn’t belong just to monsters!

You can’t draw monsters without doing something with them. I personally sometimes despair that I can’t make things as scary as they are to me.

But anyways: the green thing on the left is a creature of many eyes, your average nightmare. The oozing things on the bottom are The Hungry, which gather and feed on the unwary.

Fun stuff.

Origin of the Slender Man – Hatred

And now, it’s time to speculate: what made the Slender Man into the infamous monster he is today? My first theory: he was bullied as a child. A Slender Child if you will. And that trauma led to him seeking vengeance by murdering everyone he comes across. It’s very possible. Next theory tomorrow!

The sad part is, she's not even trying to be mean.

The sad part is, she’s not even trying to be mean.