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At least it looks cool.

Once again, Pirate Blog is going places yet not moving at all! You can now read ~90% of Pirate’s comics on Tapastic, a free webcomic host.


Due to copyright stuff and size restraints, some of the coolest images can’t be uploaded to Tapastic. However, the site’s format makes reading through the comics a lot faster. I’ve uploaded about 30% of all the pictures there so far, and will upload the rest over the next few days.

Another One

Do you like webcomics? I guess if you’re here, the answer is probably “yes”. Pirate Blog is somewhat like a webcomic, minus the story and plot. But webcomics are fun stories that you can read for free on the web, and they make life great.

That’s why it sucks when one ends. Brawl in the Family — a funny comic about Kirby, King Dedede, and other characters from the game Super Smash Bros Brawl — has announced that it is ending in a few months. To say that’s depressing is an understatement. Part of the fun of the internet is going with it.

However, we at Pirate Blog don’t believe in just being sad; instead, we do tributes. This is a small picture to celebrate Brawl in the Family, and all the laughter that’s come from the author Matthew Taranto for over six years. It’s another webcomic ending, but it also means moving on to an entirely new adventure, and that’s not a bad thing.

Dedicated to Brawl in the Family: funny, crazy, weird. You will be missed.

Dedicated to Brawl in the Family: funny, crazy, weird. You will be missed.

PS: Brawl in the Family hasn’t completely ended just yet, and it’s a great webcomic so if you haven’t seen it, definitely give it a look!