Multipurpose Sheep

Mutton yesterday, mutton today…mutton actually tastes really good if it’s done right. But it seems a bit cruel to use a sheep as your bed, let it carry you around and then eat it as thanks. Still, I suppose it could be worse. They could be eating dogs, or cats, or babies. (Stick people don’t eat babies.)

It's hard being a sheep.

It’s hard being a sheep.

Water Well

I was thirsty yesterday. Not in any metaphorical sense; I was stranded deep within nature and I didn’t have a water bottle. But you know what was worse? Being next to a muddy, gigantic river. Filled with insects. The point is, I can relate to Knight and Pirate’s suffering here.

Stick people should stay out of wells...on general principle.

Stick people should stay out of wells…on general principle.

Make Marry

Huzzah for marriages! Today’s a very important day for many people living in the United States. For stick people, marriage is no issue because they fully support marriages of any kind. At least, I hope they do. Congratulations to everyone who’s been waiting and get ready to attend a lot of weddings!

Just get the wedding gift, Pirate.

Just get the wedding gift, Pirate.

Property Problems

Always beware the fine print. I personally would love to live in a nice rural house with only the open country around me…for about two weeks. I tend towards suburbia, but I have to admit, being out in places unclaimed by concrete and steel is a different experience. Just make sure you buy a house larger than a shoe.

Small bargains for small people.

Small bargains for small people.