Hong Kong Protests!

Have you heard about the protests in Hong Kong? It’s been going on for several days now and the demonstrators are continuing to occupy Central. You can read the full story here.

So, what’s this have to do with Pirate? Well, I once lived in Hong Kong. And I’m pretty sure Pirate supports democracy. So let’s supportĀ  the Hong Kong people who are trying to protect their democratic freedom!

Good luck! Don't get hurt!

Good luck! Don’t get hurt!

Pirate Signs!

How do you describe something like this? I don’t know so I’m not going to try. Print these out and glue them onto a triangle or make a little stand so you can tell people if you’re in or out.

(Pretty much designed for teachers or tutors or librarians, but you could try using it at work too. Just don’t expect your boss to actually leave.)

Tutor Out Tutor In

Fiscal Relativity

It’s another picture about economic theory! …Yay? Anyways, have you ever considered how much an apple is worth relative to size? For an adult, it’s a snack. For Pirate it’s a meal. For Rabbit, it’s food for a day. For stick-people, it’s food for 50. And they all want that apple.

An apple is worth a lot to everyone! ...Why don't you just share?

An apple is worth a lot to everyone! …Why don’t you just share?