Who is Pirate?

 And now a few questions about this small creature of the seas.

Q: Who is Pirate?

A: Pirate is Pirate!

Q: What is Pirate?

A: Pirate is a small, red-haired girl with a sword.

Q: Is ‘Pirate’ really her name?

A: Yes. Maybe. It’s what she calls herself, at any rate.

Q: Can she speak?

A: “Aba.” (That means “Yes”.)

Q: What does she eat?

A: Almost anything, but she likes apples.

Q: What does Pirate do?

A: Pirate goes on adventures, fights monsters, and eats apples. Sometime she goes to sleep. It’s a life full of adventure!

Q: How can I follow Pirate?

A: This blog is updated with all the new Pirate pictures and  content the instant it’s created. If you don’t like WordPress though, Pirate also has a Tumblr account at http://pirateaba.tumblr.com/

Q: How often is this blog updated?

A: I try to update the blog with a new picture every day, but depending on whether there’s an attack by cyborg squirrels, an alien invasion, or I just forget, I might miss a day here and there. Sorry about that!

She's not a pirate, she's Pirate!

She’s not a pirate, she’s Pirate!

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