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At least it looks cool.

Once again, Pirate Blog is going places yet not moving at all! You can now read ~90% of Pirate’s comics on Tapastic, a free webcomic host.


Due to copyright stuff and size restraints, some of the coolest images can’t be uploaded to Tapastic. However, the site’s format makes reading through the comics a lot faster. I’ve uploaded about 30% of all the pictures there so far, and will upload the rest over the next few days.

Candle Light

Candle Light

Don’t try this at home, kids. Adults, do what you want.

Do you have any backups in case of power outages, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc? I have my phone…and I’m sure there are some candles in my house somewhere. Realistically, I’ll survive as long as my phone battery does. After that, I’m in the dark and I’ll probably burn my house down trying to light a candle.

Snow Survival

Snow Survival

Snow storms are bad news. Stay warm!

I hear the snow was really bad somewhere where I wasn’t. Seriously, I heard it got to 28 inches or more in some places. That’s a lot of snow to fall in one area. Also, it’s Pirate’s turn to be irrational — I think Knight’s smart enough to stay away from any kind of blizzard.