Swearing Skill

Swearing Skill

Swearing is an art.

I’ve always had mixed feeling about cartoon-style swearing. On one hand in superhero comics it’s sometimes feels silly — why not just let fictional characters be more real?

On the other hand, it sort of looks fun and it definitely works with the younger crowd. If I could swear like this, I probably would.

Tapastic Pirate

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At least it looks cool.

Once again, Pirate Blog is going places yet not moving at all! You can now read ~90% of Pirate’s comics on Tapastic, a free webcomic host.


Due to copyright stuff and size restraints, some of the coolest images can’t be uploaded to Tapastic. However, the site’s format makes reading through the comics a lot faster. I’ve uploaded about 30% of all the pictures there so far, and will upload the rest over the next few days.

Multipurpose Sheep

Mutton yesterday, mutton today…mutton actually tastes really good if it’s done right. But it seems a bit cruel to use a sheep as your bed, let it carry you around and then eat it as thanks. Still, I suppose it could be worse. They could be eating dogs, or cats, or babies. (Stick people don’t eat babies.)

It's hard being a sheep.

It’s hard being a sheep.

Make Marry

Huzzah for marriages! Today’s a very important day for many people living in the United States. For stick people, marriage is no issue because they fully support marriages of any kind. At least, I hope they do. Congratulations to everyone who’s been waiting and get ready to attend a lot of weddings!

Just get the wedding gift, Pirate.

Just get the wedding gift, Pirate.

The Perfect Shot

Today’s something different! I went to a cartoon-making session today, and this is the result of 1-hour of quick drawing. I don’t like drawing with pencil and ink — just not my style, but hopefully it still captures the quintessential Pirate! (The original cartoon layouts to make a physical book are included below as well.)

She always hits her target!

She always hits her target!

The Perfect Shot (Part 1) The Perfect Shot (Part 2)

Pen Vs Sword

It’s time to lay one of the greatest debates in history to rest. Is the pen mightier than the sword? We tested it out with several willing* volunteers. Our analysis shows that while the pen is useful for activities such as writing, reaching that spot between your shoulders that itches and as a paperweight, it is not superior to the sword. This is mainly because the sword stabs things and the pen only pokes them. Pen < Sword. You heard it here first.

(*Or unwilling as the case may be.)

Many people were harmed in this experiment.

Many people were harmed in this experiment.