Bit Cold

Frostbite is Christmas's way of saying hi.

Frostbite is Christmas’s way of saying hi.

What temperature do you set your thermostat at? Me, I set it just below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I like the coldness, and it saves quite a bit on gas. But I have to admit, I’m thinking of turning up the heat with this snow.

Also, not sure I mentioned it, but I run barefoot. Not a good idea at the moment. Well, at least it looks like winter at last!

Wet Christmas

How's Santa gonna travel in this?

How’s Santa gonna travel in this?

It’s raining outside. I kid you not, a fully-fledged rainstorm in December. That just seems wrong.

If we get a rainy Christmas I’m going to be very upset. I really hope the Paris climate change agreements go forward, because if it doesn’t, I’m going to start throwing coal at people on the street.

Winter is Running

Dress warmly and carry a flamethrower.

Dress warmly and carry a flamethrower.

So, snow started falling today. Lots of snow. I’m going to start shoveling my sidewalk with a flamethrower now.

I also have to apologize about the gratuitous violence here. I don’t condone violence against snow-people unless they annoy you. Anyways, it’s cold right now. Sort of annoying.

Intense Inferno

I’m amiably ambivalent about the advantageous addition of article alliteration. I’m not sure that sentence made sense, but you get the picture. Look, I’m still sick, it’s freezing outside, and I really want marshmallows. I don’t words properly today.

I really hope you've got a fire extinguisher ready, though...

I really hope you’ve got a fire extinguisher ready, though…