Unseen Boiling

Unseen Boiling

I hope she wasn’t planning on making soup.

Some days when I come home I’m hungry and I want to eat pasta. I put water on the stove and then stare at it until it boils. It always feels like forever. Maybe I should just ignore it until I accidentally boil all the water out of the pot…as I have done several times.

I can’t win.

Water Well

I was thirsty yesterday. Not in any metaphorical sense; I was stranded deep within nature and I didn’t have a water bottle. But you know what was worse? Being next to a muddy, gigantic river. Filled with insects. The point is, I can relate to Knight and Pirate’s suffering here.

Stick people should stay out of wells...on general principle.

Stick people should stay out of wells…on general principle.