Blissful Bath

Nothing is sacred. Not even bath time.

Nothing is sacred. Not even bath time.

Hot water is back in the house! It was a tough, desperate few days without hot water. True pain is taking a cold shower in this weather.

Speaking of which: baths. I’m more of a bath fan than a shower fan. I imagine Knight enjoys a good hot soak as well, although I’m sure wearing armor in water is a bad idea. Pirate on the other hand is most definitely a bath fan, mainly because it’s a lot more fun than a shower.

Now, I’m off to soak in hot water until I turn into a raisin.

Water Heater Woes

Good thing the heater's not turned on.

Good thing the heater’s not turned on.

Things aren’t actually this bad, but I do have a leaky water heater. In point of fact, it’s just a constant drip from the drain valve connection. Annoying, but doesn’t affect anything. Too bad I have to wait till Monday for a repair person.

See, this is why I hate Thanksgiving.