Sick Soup

Sick Soup

It violates humanitarian rights AND it tastes bad!

I…made soup yesterday. It had carrots, celery, onions…soba noodles…vegetable stock…paprika…

…It tastes like what I imagine raw brains scraped along a mouldy restroom tastes like. But I ate it. Because it’s not good to waste food. That’s 5 meals over two days.

Gonna lie down now. I’m eating healthy, but I feel sick.

Food Choice

Some things just aren't desirable, even if they are edible.

Some things just aren’t desirable, even if they are edible.

I’m gonna level with all of you: I hate mushrooms, and don’t like soup. You’ll never catch me eating bugs. But I do tend to mix up my food in weird combinations. Like soy sauce and dumplings and bagels and cheese fried together with eggs. It’s…really tasty, okay?