Origin of the Slender Man – Hatred

And now, it’s time to speculate: what made the Slender Man into the infamous monster he is today? My first theory: he was bullied as a child. A Slender Child if you will. And that trauma led to him seeking vengeance by murdering everyone he comes across. It’s very possible. Next theory tomorrow!

The sad part is, she's not even trying to be mean.

The sad part is, she’s not even trying to be mean.

Old Frenemy

I bet you completely forgot the Slender Man used to be on this blog. Looking back, I’m not sure how but the tale of the famous urban internet legend and Pirate have become intertwined in some weird way. Are they friends? Maybe. Enemies? Definitely. But they have a history and neither one has died yet. Maybe he’ll be back in future pictures!

They have a complex history.

They have a complex history.