Clash (Sketch)

Clash Sketch

Everyone’s a critic.

This was…surprisingly hard to draw, even without having to worry about details as much. Looks like you can’t take shortcuts on the road to art, especially since I still can’t draw any kind of special effects.

Look at that blue blog that’s supposed to be a shock-wave thingy. It hurts. But improve and keep practicing! I do like the MS Paint-eqsue feel of this kind of drawing, though.

Power Down!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled pictures to bring you…power outage! It was only for a few hours, but I didn’t complete my next Slender Man picture. So instead, here’s some sketches I did on paper of Pirate and Knight if they were older. I don’t like that kind of detailed style, but it was good practice.

Pirate never changes at heart.

Pirate never changes at heart.

Knight's harder to draw than Pirate.

Knight’s harder to draw than Pirate.