Painful Ocean

This is why I don't go swimming.

This is why I don’t go swimming.

And the ending to the dark waters story arc. The lesson is: sea monsters are scary.

I mean, how would you fight creatures underwater? Swords don’t cut that well if you’re fighting in water, and you’d need missiles and a submarine to chase those things. Me? I’d rather stay on land where I can run away.

Dark Sea

The sea doesn't belong just to monsters!

The sea doesn’t belong just to monsters!

You can’t draw monsters without doing something with them. I personally sometimes despair that I can’t make things as scary as they are to me.

But anyways: the green thing on the left is a creature of many eyes, your average nightmare. The oozing things on the bottom are The Hungry, which gather and feed on the unwary.

Fun stuff.

Sea Bath

Sorta pointless, but I appreciate the effort.

Sorta pointless, but I appreciate the effort.

Actually, sea water is really bad for washing so I can understand why Pirate would want a separate bath. But really, it seems sort of redundant.

…I’m really having trouble finding a reason for drawing this picture here. Sleep deprivation does weird things. I guess the moral of this story is…don’t drop your soap? Wash often?

Something like that.

Song – Sea Song

More on Pirate’s Story! I’ve completely finished all the editing of the book, which meant reading around 240 pages in a few days. That means all I need to do is convert the book to Kindle format, upload it on Amazon and get details like the book description done. It looks like we’ll hit the Friday deadline after all!

In the meantime, let me share something special. In the first chapter of City of Mists, Pirate sings a song at sea. Since WordPress doesn’t allow me to simply paste music onto the blog, I’ll link you to that song on Youtube.

And finally, I feel it would be disingenuous (see? I can use big words!) to ask you to buy or recommend my book without trying it first. Thus, I’ll be making the first chapter of City of Mists free to read when I put it up on Amazon. Now I just have to figure out how.