Pirate Reviews: 20th Century Boys

20th Century Boys

They world may not end with this manga, but it would be worth it.

So: confessions. I was going to draw something else, but I was reading this manga until just now. And by reading it, I mean all of it. ALL OF IT.

All 249 chapters, at around 16 pages per chapter. That’s nearly 4,000 pages of art. It took me…10+ hours. Worth it.

So, I’m instituting a new feature for the blog which I might make permanent: reviews.  Let me begin the review.

20th Century Boys is a manga about the world coming to the end. No, it’s a manga about childhood. Actually, it’s both. And it’s confusing. The manga skips around in time, so that the average reader will have trouble following some plot points. In addition, the names and faces of the characters can appear similar, so that viewers may also become confused.

I found the ending slightly abrupt, and at parts, the manga did drag on quite a bit. I also disagreed with several of the plot twists. In conclusion, I rate this manga among the best series I’ve ever read. If you want a thrilling manga that manages to tie in the experience of being a child with the drama of the end of the world, read this.