Toll Troubles

Toll Troubles

Just wait until she falls asleep.

Toll booths are the only reason why I keep my change. That, and to buy overpriced soda when I’m on the road. Anyways, Pirate could probably extort a few quarters from stick-people going to work.

I’m also taking one of the great Jane Austen’s quotes and misusing it. I feel bad about that.

World Bites

It's a strange world, after all.

It’s a strange world, after all.

And now, somber reflections upon my descent into insanity. One day I’m talking about marketing my books synergistically with my own reading desires the next…this.

Some days are bad days. Like when you step in dog poo. Or get hit by a train. Or both. But some days you’ve gotta bite the world back.

Just saying.

Friendship in the Dark

The thing about friends is that you share experiences with them. Happiness…sadness…falling off cliffs…these things are all part of being friends. Also, I remember reading the extraordinary tale of Helen Keller, so let’s remember her as well. A woman who could truly walk in the dark of night and still find her way.

Friends are worth a thousand candles.

Friends are worth a thousand candles.