Judgement Cage

Judgement Cage

Death has a way of engendering appetite.

Let’s talk about punishment. I believe that putting people in cages and threatening to drop them off cliffs is rather harsh for stealing cake. On the other hand, is it any worse than putting them in a cell and leaving them to rot for 20 years?

Politics aside, I have no problem in extending the hand of mercy to anyone who commits lesser crimes. Just so long as they’re not crimes against me.

Mine Gang

And now Pirate earns her just reward! Funnily enough, her talent for finding gems and gold probably means she’ll pay off her sentence pretty quickly. Nevertheless, remember this lesson: if you’re going to commit a crime…try to get away with it. I guess. Bad life lessons with Pirate!

Just don't get caught, Pirate.

Just don’t get caught, Pirate.