Mouse Meal was a hungry Christmas.

It…it was a hungry Christmas.

…I apologize for the dark joke right before Christmas. But that’s the quintessential Pirate! If you’re going to eat meat, what’s the difference between mouse and cow? Hygiene, probably.

Anyways, hope your Christmas shopping is going well! Watch out for the crowds and…let the mice live.

Edgar Allan Crow

See, the joke is that crows and ravens look alike, and so you can mistake a raven for a crow, which rhymes with Poe…I’m sorry. Anyways, this one is dedicated to crows. Or ravens. Either way, they’re birds, and that means they’re edible. Also, The Raven is great poetry. I want a raven like that.

Leave the classics alone, Pirate.

Leave the classics alone, Pirate.