Sliding Sleeping

Sliding Sleeping

Pain is a good lesson?

Parents, here’s a question for you: do you let your kids make mistakes? If you see your child about to commit a non-life-endangering but potentially-painful-and-or-embarrassing stunt, do you let them do it?

Old school thinking is that pain builds character. I disagree. Pain builds bruises. Character builds character. Let’s not mix the two.

Helpless Help

Helpless Help

Just get the painkillers, guys.

I hate ice. And snow. Short story: I sprained my ankle or twisted it. Again. That’s like…twice the pain since I twisted it a few weeks ago.

Anyways, keeping it elevated. I just don’t do medicine well. I wonder if they sell morphine at the drug store?

Bad Days

Some days are good, but others are bad. Days when one questions the nature of humanity, when one experiences loss…suffering…like dropping a water bottle on your foot. Such days are inevitable, and speak to the human condition in our ability to work through them, even in the darkest of times like when you drop a water bottle on your foot. I dropped a water bottle on my foot.

Sometimes you don't have a good day.

Sometimes you don’t have a good day.