Slender Man Origins – Peer Pressure

And now, my final theory on the origin of mass murderers — peer pressure! If everyone else killed people, would you do it too? I sure hope not, but it’s a good theory! I feel like this could be a 90’s style PSA about bullying. Also, the Balloon Man reappears since this is technically a flashback!

Following the crowd isn't cool, Slender Man!

Following the crowd isn’t cool, Slender Man!

Origin of the Slender Man – Hatred

And now, it’s time to speculate: what made the Slender Man into the infamous monster he is today? My first theory: he was bullied as a child. A Slender Child if you will. And that trauma led to him seeking vengeance by murdering everyone he comes across. It’s very possible. Next theory tomorrow!

The sad part is, she's not even trying to be mean.

The sad part is, she’s not even trying to be mean.

The Beginning

This is the 300th post since this blog started. It’s been a long time, with a post every day (sometimes a day late), but after all this time some questions remain unanswered.

Who is Pirate? Where did she come from? What is her goal? Well, here’s how it all started.

This is where it all began.

This is where it all began.