Mine Gang

And now Pirate earns her just reward! Funnily enough, her talent for finding gems and gold probably means she’ll pay off her sentence pretty quickly. Nevertheless, remember this lesson: if you’re going to commit a crime…try to get away with it. I guess. Bad life lessons with Pirate!

Just don't get caught, Pirate.

Just don’t get caught, Pirate.

Fair-ish Trade

Apples are worth their weight in gold. That doesn’t mean you should trade based off of that principle, though. Stick-people know Pirate well; she could care less about shiny rocks, but she loves apples. Well, if she thinks it’s a fair trade then everything’s okay I guess.

Pirate's concept of value is odd. (Or is it normal?)

Pirate’s concept of value is odd. (Or is it normal?)