Space Marshmallows

Because the only thing better than eating marshmallows is eating them in space. I’m going to level with you all though; I really don’t like eating marshmallows. It’s only roasting them that’s fun — the actual consumption I can take or leave. I also really want to go to space. Just because.

Campfires are for chumps.

Campfires are for chumps.

Intense Inferno

I’m amiably ambivalent about the advantageous addition of article alliteration. I’m not sure that sentence made sense, but you get the picture. Look, I’m still sick, it’s freezing outside, and I really want marshmallows. I don’t words properly today.

I really hope you've got a fire extinguisher ready, though...

I really hope you’ve got a fire extinguisher ready, though…