Falling Fault

Falling Faults

If your friends pushed you off a cliff…would you fall too?

Pirate’s never struck me as the cowardly type, but the lazy type? Yeah. I can see her pushing Knight off a cliff to fight a horrific monster if it meant her not having to do it.

What’s the moral of this picture? Don’t trust friends around cliffs, I guess.

Sliding Sleeping

Sliding Sleeping

Pain is a good lesson?

Parents, here’s a question for you: do you let your kids make mistakes? If you see your child about to commit a non-life-endangering but potentially-painful-and-or-embarrassing stunt, do you let them do it?

Old school thinking is that pain builds character. I disagree. Pain builds bruises. Character builds character. Let’s not mix the two.

Hanging on a Prayer

Hanging On a Prayer

They’re good for moral support.

Some people aren’t that helpful in a crisis. Also, I’m just not sure if I’m cut out to be a poet. William Faulkner once said a failed poet is a short story writer and failing that, you become a novelist. If I fail at being a novelist, do I go on Twitter? Maybe a failed novelist is a blogger.