Toilet Paper Takeout

Toilet Paper Takeout

The most heinous of all crimes.

Have you ever looked at the toilet paper in a public restroom and thought about running off with it? I have. If I know I’m about to go to a rural spot in say, China, I’ll actually pack toilet paper in my luggage. It’s worth more than gold in times of need. Still…don’t steal toilet paper.

Desperate Measures

Please don't actually do this with any book.

Please don’t actually do this with any book.

I can’t stop making book-related pictures. Somebody stop me!

…Besides that, I’m grateful people have started leaving reviews on Amazon! I’m impressed — some people must read pretty fast or have more time on their hands to get through the book so quickly.

Myself, I can’t read nearly as much as I want to. Between work and ironically, writing, my reading time has been cut down to almost nothing. I also need to start reading the Game of Thrones series since I hear it’s amazing. I’ll also take notes on how to write epic stuff.