Small Adventures – 900th Post + Birthday


Ever onwards, Pirate.

I’m combining a lot of topics today. To summarize: it’s my birthday, but also closing in on the 900th post for Pirate blog. That means 900 days of Pirate has already come and gone.That seems unreal to me, but I’m proud that I can back up memory with a picture of Pirate for every day I’ve lived.

Thank you all who read the blog for sticking with me — some of you right from the start, others only a few weeks ago. It’s sometimes tiring, sometimes demanding, sometimes exhausting to draw a picture a day and (try) to make it funny, but I hope I’ve been somewhat entertaining.

I was thinking about stopping Pirate Blog once I hit 1000 posts, or at least severely scaling down the frequency of my updates. It’s great to be able to say I did something concrete every day, but it’s also hard, sometimes stressful…but rewarding. I’m still not sure, but knowing some people read it helps a lot.

…You are out there, aren’t you? I know some of you by the likes you put on posts every day — thank you, and some because you’re family or friends. I do want this to be a fun little picture you can start (or end) you day with, and I want to share it with as many people as possible.

If I could have one wish, I guess I need to spend it on world peace, or at least a world not ruled by idiots. But if I get a second wish, I hope you’ll mention Pirate Blog to someone. Only if you think they’d be interested, and only if you feel like it, but it would make my day.

Four paragraphs is enough. I’m done talking, but hope you’re all having a great day, and here’s a wallpaper of Pirate doing what I feel like doing all the time: going on an adventure.

PS: I just realized this, but to actually see a lot of the images full-size or to download them, you do need to go to Gallery to find the images and click on the full-size option. This one’s in the Special category.

City of Mists – Available Now!

The City of Mists - Available on Amazon now!

The City of Mists – Available on Amazon now!

And it’s done! Amazon works quick when there’s a good book to be sold (not really true), and The City of Mists is now on sale on Amazon for the Kindle! I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who visits this blog, my family and of course, Pirate and her friends for making this book possible. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written and find something worthwhile in Pirate’s grand adventure.

I know Amazon provides a free sample chapter for readers, so I highly encourage you to read that before buying the book. I also would love if you left a review — good or bad — of how you like the story. If I can also ask you to recommend the novel to anyone you think might be interested in it, I’d be exceptionally grateful.

There’s not much for me to say with words that can express how nervous and excited I am about this event. I just really hope you all like it, and hope there’s people willing to buy and read a book about our small, brave hero from the sea.

The book can be found at: