Snow Survival

Snow Survival

Snow storms are bad news. Stay warm!

I hear the snow was really bad somewhere where I wasn’t. Seriously, I heard it got to 28 inches or more in some places. That’s a lot of snow to fall in one area. Also, it’s Pirate’s turn to be irrational — I think Knight’s smart enough to stay away from any kind of blizzard.

Weather Girl

This explains a lot, actually.

This explains a lot, actually.

It’s snowing, it’s pouring…I could be snoring. Instead of going to bed I’m sick in the head and drawing pictures until morning!

Or something like that. Anyways, it’s still really snowy outside. Time for me to buy a flamethrower. How much do they cost?

…$1,600 it looks like. Pretty cheap?

Winter Storm

It means stay indoors, or at least wear a jacket Pirate!

It means stay indoors, or at least wear a jacket Pirate!

I’m starting to hate snow, at least when it comes in large quantities. Winter Storm Warning is in effect for my area, but you still have to go to work. Regardless, lots of snow means lots of cold, and I’m just not feeling it at the moment. Not sure how Pirate is surviving. She’s just tough.

Hail Hurt

Umbrellas won't cut it this time.

Umbrellas won’t cut it this time.

It’s starting to feel like Christmas…or at least pain. I mean, it’s hailing where I live. That’s sort of like snow…right?

Personally, I could care less about the hail falling on me when I’m outside — it’s the shoveling it that’s gonna suck. And driving in it. Well, at least the hail’s not heavy enough to break any windows.