Swamp Searching

Swamp Search

Some things aren’t worth the effort, Pirate.

This new drawing style is taking longer than I’d like. And water is still really hard to draw. I might go back to my old methods in a while, but for now let me just say that I hate swamps. Anything could be lurking in those dark waters, and I for one don’t want to find out what’s down there.

Clash (Sketch)

Clash Sketch

Everyone’s a critic.

This was…surprisingly hard to draw, even without having to worry about details as much. Looks like you can’t take shortcuts on the road to art, especially since I still can’t draw any kind of special effects.

Look at that blue blog that’s supposed to be a shock-wave thingy. It hurts. But improve and keep practicing! I do like the MS Paint-eqsue feel of this kind of drawing, though.

Final Cure

Final Cure

It’s a long-lasting solution.

I am sick. It’s been a good run – nearly 9 months without getting ill. But now I’m down for the count and it really hurts. Breathing hurts. Swallowing hurts. Thinking hurts.

I’d rather be throwing up, because at least then I’d be mostly better by the morning. But nope, I’m in this for the long haul. Whoever gave me this sore throat and cold, I hope you get sprayed by a skunk. And lose your glasses. And eat bad sushi. And fall down a well.