Green Giant

Green Giant

And she’s short, but labels are rude.

I can’t grow stuff. Actually, that’s not true. I can probably grow mold and fungi.

As I child, I remember my family had a baby cactus plant. We kept it in the bathroom. It lived there for several years, until the day I saw a spider emerge from the inside of the cactus. It had been living in the dead plant’s shell for a long time.

Plant horror stories aside, Pirate’s good at growing stuff. It goes well with her eating stuff. One hand giveth while the other munches away.

Fire Flower

Fire Flower

…I think that one’s just on fire.

This is a great test to see if anyone knows basic video games. And if you can’t guess which game this is, I’m terribly disappointed.

I’ve always wanted a fire flower. Not the power-up, but an actual flower made of fire. It just sounds cool. You can take the shrooms though.

Worth While

It just takes time.

It just takes time.

If I had a thousand years, I’d create a forest of legends. The passing of centuries must be so strange for trees, because they don’t do much but grow as the years pass.

But time is a lot quicker for us. For some, it’s too quick. But when we’re gone, the forest remains. (Unless an idiot burns it down.)

Green Thumbs

A disclaimer: I can’t really garden. The only plants I ever grow look like the one on the far left. But Pirate’s a survivalist expert, and that comes with the ability to make seeds turn into food. But we can see why she and Rabbit don’t get along as well; it must be hard losing half your crop to the pests.

It's not exactly rocket science.

It’s not exactly rocket science.